Enhancing capability through training



Founded in 2018, D3A Defence Ltd is proud to be a veteran owned and operated, specialised and technical company comprising of Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP). We provide support in the development and delivery of training solutions for the global military and uniformed services. Our expertise lies in bridging the gap between suppliers, manufacturers, and the end-users. We achieve this by thoroughly understanding the user’s requirements and ensuring that they are met through the technical solutions and associated training we provide.


At D3A, we conduct immersive integration of live and synthetic elements in an open architecture environment for geographically distributed operational training. This ensures that all personnel involved, from the front-line operator to the Operational Headquarters, receive effective equipment and training to prepare them for their tasks. Our core values and objectives revolve around successfully delivering equipment and training solutions that meet the needs of end-users.


D3A, also known as “OODA loop” or the “Boyd cycle,” is a military decision-making process developed by Colonel John Boyd, a United States Air Force fighter pilot and military strategist. D3A stands for;

“Decide, Detect,

Deliver, Assess”


D3A Defence leverages its vast military expertise to assist defence suppliers in delivering effective training solutions to frontline users. We are a trusted provider to customers both in the UK and internationally. We pride ourself on being able to bridge the gap between manufacturers, suppliers, and the end-user by utilising our extensive military background to understand the needs of the user. This understanding allows our company to ensure that user requirements are met via technical solutions and accompanying training programs.

D3A Defence uses its extensive Armed Forces expertise to serve as an essential intermediary between the military and defence-sector contractors.

Craig Haslam

CEO - D3A Defence Ltd


Optimising Capability Through Training & Expertise


Our Subject Matter Expertise (SME) services are strengthened by our expertly trained Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) team members. Our personnel are experienced in planning at an operational and tactical level, including pre-event coordination up to the strategic level, and are well-versed in roles required in actual combat scenarios.

We provide comprehensive, full spectrum end-to-end training, delivering a complete learning experience from initial skills acquisition to advanced strategic application. Including various stages such as knowledge impartation, skill development, practical application, evaluation,  continuous improvement,  JSP 822 DSAT compliant and includes Training Needs Analysis.

Being hardware and software agnostic, our simulation support offers flexibility and adaptability, providing solutions that can seamlessly integrate with any existing hardware or software systems. This allows for effective simulation exercises regardless of the specific technological setup of an organisation, thereby eliminating potential compatibility issues.


Applied Research and Technology (ART), D3A Defence leverages a wealth of specialist and technical military knowledge to aid defence suppliers in providing the highest standard of training solutions for frontline users. Drawing from an extensive background in military operations and practices, offering a unique perspective and understanding that enriches their training development.

Our bid support is a knowledgeable approach that assists companies in effectively preparing and presenting their proposals during the bidding process. Focusing on ensuring understanding and compliance to the ‘ask’, bid requirements, enhancing value proposition, and improving the likelihood of securing contracts.

Our small team training tasks involve military or defence-related small group exercises aimed at enhancing critical competencies such as strategic decision-making, communication, and team collaboration. Using the D3A  model to simulate real-world defence situations and improve overall operational effectiveness.


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