D3A is different in that we have a mission centred around the well-being of the men and women with whom we served. Our company’s focus is on ensuring that the equipment and training being delivered to the end-user are of the highest quality. D3A’s core team are our biggest asset, bringing with them extensive experience in a variety of roles across the Tri Services. Our team consists primarily of former Officers & Senior Non-commissioned Officers who have had years of experience in complex operational scenarios. This wealth of experience allows D3A to deliver highly successful equipment and training solutions to the end-user. 


We exist to support both sides of the customer to supplier relationship with a focus on the end-user and their requirements. The whole D3A team are united in our purpose – to ensure that the end-user gets the best possible equipment and training to prepare them effectively for their task.


‘Optimising capability through training and expertise’


In a highly competitive industry, discretion is paramount, at D3A we take our client confidentiality seriously and we believe in conducting business and customer relations with the utmost integrity. Our dedicated and cohesive team is not burdened by a complicated corporate structure which may otherwise limit the speed of response to change. We maintain agility in our approach and we are determined to deliver the most effective level of service possible, in accordance with customer requirement and end-user need.


As a committed signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant, most of our team are former Officers and Senior Non-commissioned Officers with typically more than 20 years of service. Many maintain on-going Reservist commitments and together combine a rich pedigree drawn from a wide spectrum of UK military backgrounds and specialist skillsets. Our diverse team is supported by a broad network of affiliates.


Always keen to explore effective team-based working relationships, D3A are equally comfortable as lead prime contractor, partner or collaborator as determined by the project scope.

D3A combines vast land domain knowledge, military experience, and simulation expertise to deliver outstanding results. Their products and services are excellent, reflecting the passion that drives their dedicated team. They are deeply committed to their work and supporting our military forces. I highly recommend D3A for their unparalleled expertise, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Lucy Walton

Head of Training - BAE Systems Air

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D3A is driven by a deep commitment to the brave individuals we once served alongside. Our primary goal is to prioritise their success by providing purpose-built equipment and comprehensive training. We strongly believe that the front-line operators should have access to high-quality gear tailored to their needs, and that proper training is essential for their preparedness. Our core values and mission revolve around guaranteeing that our equipment and training solutions deliver exceptional outcomes for the end-users.


Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business and how we can help you. From exploring effective team-based working relationships to collaborative opportunities, new projects or anything else.