D3A’s Bid & Acquisition Support services draw on our extensive subject matter expertise to help shape the tenders being delivered to the Ministry of Defence (MOD). We can offer advice throughout the tendering process, from initial scoping advice to final end-user experience and knowledge. We can also lend support during the testing and evaluation phases of products right through to delivery. We maintain a clear focus on the end-user and their requirements, enabling us to support the customer and supplier relationship effectively. Overall, our expertise in this area allows us to contribute significantly to the development and delivery of high-quality bid and acquisition support services to our customers.


As an end-user or customer, it can be difficult to accurately illustrate your equipment or training requirement for the benefit of those competing for your business.


D3A have experience from working on both sides of the relationship and have seen how genuine customer needs can become subservient to the competing interests of suppliers. Our unique perspective and determination to represent the best interests of the forward-most operator means we can help in the unambiguous articulation of your requirements, and we are proud of our track record in the identification of potential issues before they become a problem.


D3A recognises the inherent challenges for Industry in truly getting to grips with the intricacies and nuances of the defence customer’s requirements. Our own experiences in a wide range of military roles from operators to managers of high-profile public sector

procurement activity has provided us with a unique collective understanding of the processes. We understand how requirements are derived and we can assist in the translation and interpretation of the customer need. We inject clarity and efficiency.


D3A believe in impartiality when it comes to evaluating product offerings from OEMs and suppliers. A key tenant of our mission statement is that we believe the end-user deserves the best equipment that is fit for purpose. We will dispassionately assess equipment for utility, fitness for purpose and performance against an objective requirement set and based on our extensive experiences delivering operational effect.


As part of the experiment design process, we can assist in the generation of measures of performance and effectiveness against the end-user requirements and we are qualified to manage safety and risk as part of the testing process.


We can provide valuable assistance to customers in market analysis through our wide range of associates and partners utilising varied and tested expertise to enhance capabilities. We can analyse market data, identifying patterns, trends, and insights that are crucial for effective decision-making. We can forecast market dynamics and assess risks and opportunities enabling customers to anticipate outcomes and optimise strategies accordingly. Overall, we empower customers with actionable intelligence to gain a competitive edge in their market analysis endeavours.


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