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We recognise strength in collaboration. We are agile, innovative, and focussed on the end-user. We understand that each project is different – and have the skills and experience to operate as a prime or sub-contractor, consortium member, or partner – dependant on project scope.


We believe in working with, and supporting veterans, other veteran owned and operated businesses as well as small businesses from within our local area.

Redefining the future of immersive close combat training

D3A and 4GD have a long-standing relationship. Collectively we have a tried and tested approach that is based on bringing together the flexibility of SME organisations to deliver cost effective and innovative solutions that serve the end user.


4GD  are redefining the future of immersive close combat training.  At the heart of this is the drive to achieve operational excellence through immersive, realistic and flexible facilities. Through their experience in the Royal Marines and UK’s Airborne Forces, they recognise the effect technology has had making the battlefield more complex than ever.

Delivering expert technical support and innovative solutions

D3A and JCSyS / Minerva have worked together since 2018, continously developing and innovating kit and systems that are fit for purpose. 


For the past 6 years JCSys Ltd, along with its partners in Minerva, have been delivering a range of innovative, flexible and immersive simulation capabilities that encompass everything from a fully mobile AFV Part Task Trainer (THUNDERBIRD™) to exercise wide Synthetic Wrap solutions. From 2012 until the present JCSys have supported a range of Joint Fires Special to Arms training exercises including Ex STEEL SABRE, Ex


Endeavour Through Adversity

In order to deliver the best training, our team need to look and feel the best version of themselves. Our ThruDark D3A branded kit does just that. Fit for purpose whether at shows and events, out in the field on demos or working from home.


ThruDark are a high performance outerwear brand from the UK offering the highest quality clothing & fabrics inspired by their heritage in the UK special Forces. 


Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business and how we can help you. From exploring effective team-based working relationships to collaborative opportunities, new projects or anything else.