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Our Subject Matter Expertise (SME) services are strengthened by our expertly trained Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel (SQEP) team members. Our personnel are experienced in planning at an operational and tactical level, including pre-event coordination up to the strategic level, and are well-versed in roles required in actual combat scenarios. This depth of experience provides the team with an inherent understanding of the challenges and risks associated with delivering effective training scenarios. We leverage our expertise to develop high-quality training evolutions that are adaptable and adjustable, delivering the highest levels of competence in the end-user. Overall, through our SME services, we can provide effective solutions to customer requirements and deliver excellent results.

Strategic Decision Support

D3A can help organisations to develop and implement their chosen strategy by offering valuable expertise and analysis.  Providing comprehensive assessments of the customer’s operational environment, potential threats, and available resources. Through data-driven analysis, simulations, and modeling, we can evaluate various scenarios and outcomes, enabling organisations to make informed decisions. Offering recommendations on resource allocation, technology adoption, and operational planning to optimise the strategic approach. By leveraging our knowledge and strategic insights, we can assist the customer in making well informed decisions that align with their objectives and enhance their overall strategy.


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