At D3A our greatest asset is our team. Collectively, we have considerable experience of serving in a wide variety of roles across the Tri Services (Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force), and have deployed in all phases of warfighting. Our personnel have comprehensive levels of know-how and are predominantly former Officers & Senior Non-commissioned Officers, who have honed their knowledge and skills in complex operational scenarios over typically 22+ years of service.


D3A supply a broad spectrum of technical and specialist expertise to support customer equipment and training programmes. Our team bring skills and experience of military planning and execution at tactical, operational and strategic levels, including pre-event coordination and the conduct of roles in real combat scenarios across land, air and maritime domains. These experiences have instilled a deep understanding of user community challenges, requirements and risks, and our suitably qualified & experienced personnel now support the development and delivery of solutions that build the highest competence in the end-user.

As individuals we have outstanding work ethics and professionalism; as a collective, we offer a cohesive and analytical approach to your project. When D3A support you as a client, you benefit from the whole team and their combined capabilities.


Our mission to optimise end-user capability, supported by our integrity, high moral standards and ethos, means we offer you a truly unique proposition that is second to none.



Craig Haslam

With a decorated 27-year tenure as a Royal Marine and UK Special Forces Operator, Craig has forged an indomitable reputation through diverse global combat scenarios, culminating in the establishment of D3A Defence in 2018. A tactician in battle-space information coordination, Craig’s invaluable contributions to various Government projects underscore his prowess as an eloquent communicator and a stellar leader, adept at driving exceptional performance amidst resource-limited situations and under the intense gaze of external scrutiny.


Andrew Moon

Andrew is a highly experienced and technologically astute modelling and simulation expert with a proven track record in the innovative development and delivery of leading-edge training solutions for UK military, NATO Partner nations and defence sector suppliers. Deep military understanding forged during 24 years of Regular and Reserve service with the British Army, excelling as an expert practitioner, senior instructor and team leader in the joint fires and precision targeting arenas.


Ryan Miller

With a 23-year Army background, Ryan has significant experience in the Joint Effects arena. Specialised in Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence he has a proven track record of delivering success within tactical, operational and strategic environments. Adept at understanding the need and identifying solutions, often novel, he has a track record of delivering equipment capability projects into service. A deep understanding of the users’ needs have allowed him to become skilled at communicating with all levels of leadership to achieve the desired outcome.


Lee 'Jesse' James

Lee is a British Army veteran of 24 years having served with distinction in a Formation Reconnaissance Regiment. He has extensive experience within a Joint Fires environment having operated in national and multinational HQ elements providing expert and in-depth knowledge developed through extensive operational experience. Lee has a proven record of accomplishment for the delivery of successful complex training and delivery solutions where precision and collaboration are paramount. 


Tristan Smith

Tristan is a talented and highly experienced Instructor and Assessor qualified in course design and training needs analysis.  His operational experience with partners across government and the tri service community during his 24 years of service in the British Army has developed his experience in joint fires and targeting. These skills are complemented by his varied experiences and roles in Strategic Planning, crisis response and information operations


Christopher Dixon

Chris retired from the UK Royal Artillery after 18 years’ service and has vast experience within the joint fire’s environment. He has served as a brigade Senior Joint Fires Advisor and is fully conversant and trained on the current simulation and image generation software’s used by UK Armed Forces and partner nations. 


Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business and how we can help you. From exploring effective team-based working relationships to collaborative opportunities, new projects or anything else.