D3A is different in that we have a mission centred around the well-being of the men and women with whom we served. Our company’s focus is on ensuring that the equipment and training being delivered to the end-user are of the highest quality.


D3A’s core team is our biggest asset, bringing with them extensive experience in a variety of roles across the Tri Services. The team consists primarily of former Officers & Senior Non-commissioned Officers who have had years of experience in complex operational scenarios. This wealth of experience allows us to deliver highly successful equipment and training solutions to the end-user. Overall, D3A stands out by putting the needs of the end-user at the centre of our mission and by leveraging our team’s vast military experience to achieve excellence in service delivery.


As a veteran owned and operated SME we work closely with and support the wider veteran community and are Gold Award Members of the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme.


We actively encourage our employees to volunteer and engage with their local community. Our team has ran, cycled, walked and volunteered at multiple events, donating their time and fundraising for good causes. Each year as a company we support and sponsor a charity from the Armed Forces and Veteran community. We also support our reservist employees with an additional 10 days paid leave to meet their reservist requirements.


D3A continuously consider and assess how our business might improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of People, Profit, Partnership, Purpose, and the Planet. We have a long-term commitment to giving back.


This statement builds upon our work to date, to promote and enable further social value benefits for our employees, veteran community, partners, and clients through our commercial activity, including commissioning, procurement, and contract management. D3A places a high importance on social values within the company, looking to support and innovate disruptive technologies and services to champion the military end user wherever possible.


We are taking positive action to address the United Nations Development goals wherever possible within our business.


D3A have been an accredited Real Living Wage Employer since our conception in 2019. We believe that by agreeing to pay ALL of our employees the real living wage as a minimum, that this is a small but effective way of inciting change and doing our part to tackle economic inequality. We are committed to continue with this accreditation, seeking and following the advice of the Living Wage Foundation, working to the meet the United Nations Development Goals (SDG) – Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities.


We have created a diverse supply chain to deliver on our projects, collaborating with other veteran SMEs and actively including new businesses entrepreneurs, start-ups and fellow SMEs. We pride ourselves on supporting serving and veteran suppliers wherever possible, from our supply chain to our partnerships.


D3A are an equal opportunity employer and have a stringent equality, diversity and inclusion policy that is enforced across the entire company. We are committed to developing, supporting and sustaining a working environment where everyone is able to carry out their job without any discrimination, harassment or victimisation. This policy extends to how our employees and contractors engage with our clients, customers, partners and wider community.


Our employees undertake Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Cross-Cultural Awareness Training, and mental health awareness training.


We pay equal renumeration, including benefits, for work of equal value.  This is assessed and reported on an annual basis to ensure that meet the United Nations Development Goals (SDG) – Goal 5 – Gender Equality. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence at work, including verbal/ and/ or physical abuse.


Environmental considerations and the impact of climate change impact our decision making processes. We educate and encourage our employees to take small steps to eliminate single use plastic and reduce waste. All our employees undertake annual environmental awareness training

We acknowledge climate risk and are building resilience into the company’s assets and supply chain wherever possible. We are aware of and working towards meeting the United Nations Development Goals (SDG) – Goal 6 – Clean water and sanitation, Goal 7 – Affordable and clean energy, Goal 12 – Responsible consumption and production, Goal 13 – Climate action, Goal 14 – Life below water and Goal 15 – Life above water.


As a Micro /  Small Medium Enterprise (SME) whose employees are predominantly working from home, we have implemented small but impactful changes. Our employees take reusable coffee cups and water bottles with them when they travel. We use environmentally friendly, biodegradable, water safe cleaning products. Our main office uses renewable energy.


We take the health and well being of our employees seriously, in line with the support United Nations Development Goals (SDG) – Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being. We support our staff and contractors’ health and wellbeing with a confidential and easily accessible Employee Assistance Programme, which includes 24/7 telephone advice, face-to-face counselling and a suite of online tools.


Our employees are all given the benefit of private health care, including mental health cover, for them and their families.


All our employees undertake annual “Managing Stress” awareness training.


Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your business and how we can help you. From exploring effective team-based working relationships to collaborative opportunities, new projects or anything else.